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The ONLY Cranberry-based Supplement in the World Proven to Work for

Overactive Bladder (Urinary Urgency, Usually Accompanied by Frequency and Nocturia) & Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (Incomplete Voiding, Incontinence, & Frequent Daytime & Nighttime Urination)

"Flowens®, backed with impressive scientific research,  is a natural solution for urinary symptoms that could improve the quality of life
for millions of people worldwide."
Nutra-Ingredients USA 2020

OxyFlo's Active IngredientFlowens® Voted the Best Healthy Aging

Supplement of

2020 By Nutra-Ingredients Research Council


New, All-Natural 2020 Award-Winning Solution for Frequent Daytime & Night Time Urination

The Only Cranberry Product in the World Clinically Proven to Improve Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Such as Overactive and Underactive Bladder!

OxyFlo's active ingredient Flowens® is a patented* all-natural cranberry extract proven for urinary health. Independent clinical researchers concluded it is the only cranberry supplement in the world clinically shown to improve Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms typically associated with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia *  United States Patent 11,045,511, June 29, 2021,  Compositions and methods useful in treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms, benign prostatic hyperplasia, erectile dysfunction and other diseases or symptoms).


OxyFlo's active ingredient Flowens®, a patented natural formula for urinary health, has been named Ingredient of the Year – Healthy aging at the 2020 NutraIngredients Awards.

Produced from a patented full-spectrum cranberry blend, Flowens® has been clinically shown to improve lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in men. The most common LUTS include difficulties associated with voiding the bladder and storage of urine. Prevalence increases with age: it is found among 26% of men in their 40s, and 90% in their 80s.

Following a recent clinical study, the use of Flowens® has been extended to women, with results showing improvement in overactive bladder (OAB) symptoms. OAB is the presence of urinary urgency, usually accompanied by frequency and nocturia (waking up during the night to urinate).

The likelihood of being affected by urinary symptoms greatly increases as we get older. In fact, for many, suffering from bladder symptoms is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. OxyFlo is a natural solution for urinary symptoms that can improve the quality of life for millions of people worldwide.”



Key Concepts/Summary

﷯ It has long been known in scientific circles that cranberry has a beneficial effect on men's and women's age-related urinary issues. Yet, the key phytochemicals in cranberry that are beneficial had not been known, until the research behind and the development of OxyFlo's Flowens®.

The Flowens® scientists, with years of cranberry expertise, identified and isolated the key phytochemicals in the cranberry that delivered the desired urinary health benefits.







They then developed a patent pending process to extract and compound the  the ingredient to make it hundreds of times more powerful and effective than the whole powdered cranberry that's in all other urinary dietary supplements.




 ﷯The reason the esteemed supplement industry research organization NUTRA-Ingredients selected OxyFlo's active ingredient Flowens® as the Best Healthy Aging Supplement for 2020 was the research that showed Flowens® was the only cranberry-based supplement in the world known to improve urinary tract symptoms.

 Here are two such studies published by the National Institutes of Health National Library of Medicine:
 ﷯ Cranberry Fruit Powder (Flowens®) Improves Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Men: a Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo-controlled Study The World Journal of Urology, March 2016. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26049866/ Study Conclusion: Flowens® showed a clinically relevant, dose-dependent, and significant reduction in Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) in men over 45. ﷯
Efficacy of Daily Intake of Dried Cranberry 500 mg in 
Women with Overactive Bladder: A Randomized, 
Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled Study The World Journal of Urology, February 2021 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32945735/ Study Conclusion: Flowens® showed a clinically relevant. dose dependent and significant reduction in women's overactive bladder (OAB) symptoms. Significant improvements in frequency vs. placebo. Significant reduction in urgency episodes (most bothersome symptom) vs. placebo. And, significant improvement in Patient Perception of Bladder Condition vs. placebo 

In the research, Flowens® was shown to be just as effective as the popular prescription drug for frequent urination Flomax (tamsulosin) but without Flomax's side effects.

What the Studies Showed: 
Participant Summaries

OxyFlo's active ingredient Flowens® is safe and was well tolerated by the participants in the clinical studies. In  follow-up interviews, subjects who observed improvement in their bladder symptoms were asked a series of questions about their experience with Flowens®:


71% of the participants in the 500 mg group observed improvements in their symptoms/condition. Of those 71%:


  • Significant reduction in frequency of daytime urination.

  • Significant reduction in Nocturia (the complaint that one has to wake at night one or more times for voiding (i.e. to urinate).

  • 48% experienced less of a sensation of not emptying their bladder after completing urination

  • 37% felt improvements within one month, including 7% within one week

  • 96% would recommend Flowens® to a friend.


OxyFlo: Your All-Natural Solution

OxyFlo’s active ingredient, Flowens®, is a proprietary, patented botanical nutraceutical based on isolated and compounded full-spectrum phytochemicals extracted from cranberries.


These patented pending cranberry phytochemicals are the agents in the cranberry that gives it its ability to prove effective in treating urinary health issues found common in aging (40 years +)  men and women.


OXYFLO’s active ingredients are the result of more than 7 years of scientific research including  major independent randomized double blind placebo controlled studies.


We work hard to formulate the most advanced products on the market. Our 60-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is designed to give you ample opportunity to  experience optimal results from OxyFlo, completely risk free.


If you're new to OxyFlo and want to see if it works for you, you can use 3 bottles RISK-FREE for 60-days (2 bottles first month—Activation Phase & 1 bottle second month—Maintenance Phase)  If you're not 100% satisfied, call us for a refund and dispose of the empty bottles—no need to go through the inconvenience of returning the empty bottles.

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It may take up to 30 days for OxyFlo, at two doses per day (two-30 serving bottles), to help improve and normalize the urinary process


Thereafter, only one dose of OxyFlo per day (one bottle per month) is required to maintain (Maintenance Phase) this urinary flow improvement. Therefore, depending where you are in your urinary flow progress, you have three purchasing options from which to  choose. Remember our 60-Day, Three Bottle No-Risk Money-Back GUARANTEE.


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The Cranberry & Urinary Health Key Urinary Health Ingredients in Cranberry Identified, Isolated and Compounded

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