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​better sleep and muscle & joint pain


SLEEP's Active Ingredient RelaxPLX® has been proven effective in 6 clinical studies and results presented in 15 academic/medical journals. Proven to promote quicker, longer, deeper sleep with fewer interruptions and morning refreshment, revitalization and energy. Compare to nationally advertised Relaxium Sleep.



RELIEF is an all-natural botanical and cold water salmon oil supplement aimed at relieving inflammatory pain in the knees, hips, back and shoulders, caused by aging and over exercising. Relief works by combining ingredients clinically proven to prevent inflammation and pain. Compare to nationally advertised Relief Factor.


10X Enhanced Nitric Oxide Booster Drink Powder. 24% increased nitric oxide production, 50% increased vasodilation, blood flow, lower blood pressure compared to only 5% for arginine-based products. Includes stem cells derived from apple & grape skin plus nutrients, vitamins & minerals.


MemNivia's Active Ingredient Cognivia® was Voted Nutra Ingredients' 2020 Best Cognitive Function Supplement. Enhanced Short/Long Term Memory, Alertness, & Learning Formula. Two varieties of sage stem cells. Proven highly effective in controlled, double blind placebo-based studies.


OxySlender's Active Ingredient MetabolAid® was Voted Nutra Ingredients' 2020 Best Weight Management Supplement.
Increases the fat burning enzyme AMPK. "The highest decrease in body fat ever observed in a dietary supplement." Research proves 2x weight loss for dieters.


10X Enhanced Nitric Oxide Booster Capsules. Same active ingredient as OxySpark (apple & grape stem cells) without added nutrients, vitamins & minerals. 24% increased nitric oxide production, 50% increased vasodilation and blood flow compared to only 5% for arginine- based products. Ideal daily supplement to OxySpark.


OxyFlo's Active Ingredient Flowens® was Voted Nutra Ingredients' 2020 Best Health Aging Supplement. OxyFlo is a proprietary, patented full- spectrum extract from cranberries proven to be effective in treating frequent urinary health issues found common in aging (40 years +) men and women. Proven effective in multiple research studies.


OxyStim's Active Ingredient eNOStim® was Voted Nutra Ingredient's 2019's Best Healthy aging Supplement. OxyStim is blend of active ingredients apple and grape polyphenols (stem cells) and saffron that presents a solution for male/female sexual performance, specifically in increased blood flow to sexual organs.

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